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Anonymous asked: Have you ever been in love?

Yes, and its the best feeling in the world :)

Anonymous asked: Well I'll be the second person tonight to hopefully make your night. Zach you have an amazing personality and can easily light up a room whenever you're in it. You're an incredible guy and you're so funny. You never make a person, or least never make me not importan when I'm around you. So no matter where your life takes you always stay true to who you are, and I wish you best of like with the Army. I'd also like to keep this anon because I know I'm not a girl for you, but you should know that.

Oh my gosh!!! Thank you! But this is killing me! I appercaite every word and the thought behind them but this anon is killing me

Anonymous asked: If you don't figure out who I am in one week, then I'll tell you. But I don't want to tell you because we don't really talk and I feel that if I tell you my name you'll be weirded out.

If I message you, will you actual admit it is you?

Anonymous asked: If we were meant to be, it will happen. Just talk to someone that you talked to before but not for a long time. You stood up for me one time, but that's all I'm giving you for hints.

I wish I knew who you were, Please tell me

Anonymous asked: I'm glad I could tell you how I truly felt, and it would be the greatest thing anyone ever said to you. I will never tell you who I am though, I think I like being a secret.

So am I going to have to live the rest of my life wondering? Wondering if the person on the other side of that computer screen is the one for me?



a nightmare in a gif


Anonymous asked: You want something in your ask? I'll give you something. I think you're amazing. Your personality, your looks, the way you live life to the fullest everyday is beautiful. You will find such a great girl someday I just know it. You deserve the absolute best, and I hope you find it. You're amazing Zach, absolutely amazing. :)

Wow…I am absolutely speechless…This is the greatest thing some one has ever said to me, besides you can have the last slice